Sign the petition to allow taxis back into Waverley Station

Since 2014 taxis have been banned from entering Waverley Station. Passengers arriving by train have to leave the station and make their way to the neighbouring streets to get a taxi. And passengers arriving at the station by taxi are dropped off in one of the streets outside the station and have to find their way to their train.

Disabled people have been expressing concerns about the challenges  they face as a result – particularly passengers with mobility issues or a vision impairment. There is a good Passenger Assistance service available at Waverely but it is often overstretched and  cannot always be relied on to deliver the level of assistance needed in a timely way.

Last year the Scottish Parliament’s Infrastructure Committee investigated the issue and concluded it was “essential that suitably located, accessible taxi facilities are available at Waverley.”

A petition has been launched by Miles Briggs MSP with a view to demonstrating the public support that exists for the reintroduction of accessible taxi ranks within Waverley Station.

Here’s a link which you can follow to find out more details and to sign the petition itself: click here.