Exciting opportunity for photographers

John Lynn is a retired lecturer from Glasgow’s Caledonian University. While there, he developed an infrastructure designed to allow people who are interested in photography but who have mobility difficulties to operate a sophisticated Canon camera remotely from their home computer or laptop. Keen photographers who would struggle to get to interesting photogenic locations can now makeĀ  “virtual visits” and enjoy all the main aspects of photography like selecting shutter-speed and aperture-size.

Here is a link to John’s Youtube video which gives a good overview of what it’s all about and how it works.


John is very keen to identify folk who want to try this infrastructure out. There’s no cost involved assuming that a “standard” home computer or laptop is already available. John will provide all the additional infrastructure including both hardware and software.

Anyone who would like to get involved or to know more should email John at johnstuartlynn@icloud.com

Happy snapping!