Disability awareness training given to Council staff

On October 1st members of the Access Panel visited Waverley Court and delivered disability awareness training to Council staff.

Regular lunchtime training events about a wide range of topics are organised for staff by the Council, and the Access Panel were delighted to be invited to come and speak about disabilities. Five members of the Panel took part, each of whom gave a talk about their own disability and the day-to-day challenges it brings with it. The speakers covered the challenges associated with various types of vision impairment and hearing impairment as well as the many sorts of problems that people with wheelchairs and mobility scooters have to deal with.

A panellist giving a talk

A panellist giving one of the talks

Sim Specs

Council staff experiencing the effects of visual impairment by wearing Sim Specs









Some twenty members of the Council staff were in the audience, mostly from departments involved in the design and planning of buildings and streets. There was plenty of participation, with lots of comments, questions and discussion. Everyone agreed that it was an excellent learning opportunity not only for the Council but for the Access Panel itself.

A lunch time well-spent!